Direct Vision Standard and HGV Safety Permit

Improving Road Safety for London

As of 26th October 2020, all HGV’s of over 12 tonnes will require a valid Direct Vision Standard Safety Permit, to enter or operate in the Greater London District.

All HGV vehicles will be checked from the deadline entering the city, enforcing a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) of up to a maximum of £550 (which will be reduced to £275 if paid within 14 days)

This will also apply to vehicles coming into the City from outside the UK.

For more information about this FREE permit, including a map of enforcement, and guidelines. See the online pdf form

What is the purpose of the Permit?

With the Vision Zero action plan implemented to make London’s roads safer by 2041, the Mayor of London, The Transport For London, and London’s Councils have united to enforce the permit.

Direct Vision Standard is the first in the UK to eliminate Deaths and accidents to all road users caused by blindspot errors, which are contributed by HGV drivers (including vulnerable users such as pedestrians or cyclist)

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I’m proud of our world-leading plans to remove the most dangerous lorries from London’s streets. So many of the tragic deaths on our roads involve HGVs and this new scheme will help save lives.

“Forward-looking businesses have already been choosing safer vehicles in the run up to HGV safety permits becoming available. Today the scheme has gone live and operators now have 12 months to upgrade their fleets, helping make our streets much safer for people walking and cycling.”

The Points System

The Direct Vision Standard will measure the viewing ability of the HGV Driver through the cab mirrors and windows, assessing the blind spots.

Vehicles will be assessed on a five-star rating from 0-5 (0 being the lowest)

0 Star Rating will demonstrate the driver has poor vision and would be unable to see a pedestrian less than 4.5 meters away from the cab side.

5 Star Rating will demonstrate good vision. The driver would be able to see directly next to the cab, seeing any pedestrians or motorcycles.

AVBSK4 – Complete Plug&Play Blindspot kit. Complete with built in speed module. 4 sensor kit and Alarmalight

How Can We Help?

Amber Valley Developments LLP is an international specialty manufacturer of vehicle safety equipment. We develop and manufacture products which are designed to not only meet, but exceed the strict safety requirements of our valuable customers around the world.

We understand the importance of how this will directly effect fleet operators, in and outside the UK, and are confident we have the right products to suit your requirements for the points system.

Amber Valley have a whole range of Blindspot Detection products, including Indicator Alarmalight, LED Cycle SignsSideminder Systems, and our Hawkeye Parking Sensor Kits.

Our exclusive Plug&Play Speed and Indicator Module Combined units, also provide a combined  Speed Module and indicator module in one!

For more information for our Blindspot Detection products please call 0116 240 2968 or use our contact us form. We would love to hear from you.



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