Speed and Indicator Module Combined – Plug & Play

AVSLSM KIT – Plug and Play

Saving Hours And £’s On Every Installation

The Plug & Play AVSLSM KIT is the latest innovation from Amber Valley to combine both a Speed Module and indicator module in one!

The Speed limiter turns components off above a predetermined speed and automatically back on once the vehicle speed has reduced below the predetermined speed. Meanwhile the Indicator Module converts the pulsed output from the indicator circuit to a constant output.

The AVSLSMECU can take a number of inputs from the left/right turn alarms, sensor systems, cameras or a whole variety of products plugged into one simple unit. The ECU will work with any products from any proprietary manufacturer.

Having one simple ECU to combine both of these modules means that this kit eliminates masses of cables under the dashboard. Most importantly, it simplifies fitting and reduces fitting labour costs.

The system is fully function tested and because it is waterproof, does not need to be fitted in cab. There are a number of speed settings available. These are pre-set at the factory therefore once selected they cannot be changed.

plug and play wiring hub

The E.CU Plug and Play Wiring Hub allows connection for all of your blindspot elimination. This includes the Warning Signs, Indicator Alarmalight, Sideminder® Sensor System and Sideminder® Indicator Alarm.


Component Parts

This ECU contains the Indicator Module and the speed module. The speed is set in the factory, so therefore cannot be changed after potting. It has Superseal type connectors, is fully sealed, and each connector is identified R1, L1 and IN, to eliminate any possible confusion. The ECU had been tested and type approved for on and off highway. See certificate below.

E13, 10R-05 14319 Approved Mark Certificate
E13, 10R-05 14319 Approved Mark Certificate

Lead Assemblies

There are two variations of these lead assemblies. One is for use with our equipment, plugs both ends, and one for after market use.

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