Run Lock System

Amber Valley is a specialist manufacturer of vehicle safety equipment

AVDM001 12V

AVDM002 24V



This is the first in a series of exciting new products to make the drivers and operators life easier and save time and money. This unit will allow the engine to keep running while the key is removed from the ignition, thereby ensuring there is sufficient power to use Beacons, Accessories, Tail Lifts etc. without danger of battery discharge. On re-entering the cab the key must be re-inserted. If not and the handbrake, footbrake or clutch is operated the engine will cut out immediately.

  • 3 circuit monitoring
  • Momentary dash mounted switch to activate the unit
  • Solid state encapsulated electronics to protect against dust and moisture
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Self adjusted to individual vehicle

When fitted simply connect all circuits. Start engine and with handbrake on and the clutch and footbrake in the normal off position. Press the red button on the unit, the microprocessor in the unit reads and records the vehicle settings and registers them as the norm. When activated, if these settings change the unit cuts the engine off.