Overloader Alarmalight®

Crane Overload Warning System



Suitable for: Vehicles where overloading warnings are required – Cranes, Telehandlers, Hiabs, etc.


Complete with audible warning device which activates in conjunction with the red LEDs.

The unit takes its inputs from the load weighing system fitted to the vehicle. When the vehicle is operating below capacity a GREEN LED light is in operation, when the capacity is higher (dependant on vehicle specification) the GREEN LED light goes off and the AMBER LED light comes on. If the vehicle is operating in overload mode the  AMBER LED light goes off and the RED LED light and alarm alerts people in the surrounding area that the vehicle is operating in a dangerous fashion. The LED lights and alarm can be pulsed if required – this function is normally controlled by the vehicle manufacturer.

When the AMBER light is on, the audible alarm sounds intermittently. When the RED light is on, it is continuous.

  • Dual voltage
  • CE and emc approved
  • M.I.R.A. tested for all on and off highway applications
  • Continuous tone or intermittent
  • Speaking versions available
  • Separate in-cab warning light and buzzer available to warn the drive
  • Completely encapsulated to withstand vibration and shock
  • IP67 rated
  • E marked – e11*72/245*2009/19*7568*00
  • 10R approved – 10R-037568