Reversing Alarms made simple

Amber Valley has been the home of the Reverse alarm for over 30 years. We are a specialist manufacturer, in not only reversing alarms but a wide range of auto electrical products.

What is a Reversing Alarm?

A Reversing alarm is fitted to a vehicle to warn cyclists/pedestrians of a vehicle reversing.
These are available in a wide range of options which can be narrowed down, by our customer’s needs.

2 Wire Version

This unit will operate when reverse gear is selected. Black lead to earth, red lead to reverse lamp.

3 Wire Version Black, Red & Orange Leads

The orange lead is connected through the side lamp and when the lamp is on, the unit will not work.

4 Wire Version Black, Red, Orange & Green Leads

The green lead is connected through the fog lamp. This is unique to Amber Valley developments and is designed for foggy weather because your side lamp (mute) must be on to put your fog lamp on thereby muting the reverse alarm when it is most needed. The fourth lead into the fog light automatically overrides the mute.

3 Wire Version Black, Red & Green

This unit was developed for the plant industry. When the green lead is activated with the normal reverse alarm the unit will sound continuously. This eliminated the need for a horn on the rear of the vehicle. This unit is ideally suited to dual purpose requirements.

Dual Volume Alarms

These were designed where a reduced volume (fixed) was required. The unit operates at a low frequency and because the sound level is also reduced it does not travel far, thereby not disturbing neighbours.

This unit is specifically made for transport fleets in built up areas and has been tested and approved by environmental health and the general public, allowing a national fleet to remain in its premises.

Triple Tone Alarms

This unit again was developed for a large fleet and subsequently adopted by a large truck manufacturer as it immediately alerts staff to the type of vehicle being used. Triple tone alarms were fitted to trucks and a single tone alarm was fitted to fork trucks.

Non Beeping Alarms

These alarms are designed to be less intrusive as well as being highly effective using speech technology. Also included is our Bell Tone Alarm.

Amber Valley LLP Talking Alarm
AVR15h – “Handbreak Not Applied”

Talking Alarms

These are probably the most versatile alarms made as they are programmed in house and can be customised to suit any situation or point out to operators and public any specific dangers. “Hand brake not applied”. “Do not drive arms raised” etc.

This is especially useful as many vehicles have a variety of buzzers and alarms and it can be confusing for the operator.

We believe that for aftermarket operational use these alarms will cover 95% of requirements, if not don’t worry, we are manufacturers and can supply Self Adjusting Talking Alarms or R2 Talking Alarms with real speech.

R2 Range

This range mutes when reverse gear is selected twice in quick succession. This can be used in conjunction with any type of alarm. For example: Pet. Reg. Talking Alarms or Triple Tone.

Dual Tone Alarms

Two separate tones to allow one alarm to be used for two applications.

Self Adjusting Alarms

These alarms listen to the ambient noise and adjust their own volume to be above the ambient noise level. We can also offer self adjusting talking alarms.

Timers and Switches

We supply timer units which when activated by a switch will turn the Reverse alarm off for a given period of time.

Conduits & Connectors

We manufacture alarms with any length or type of cable with or without conduit. The conduit is sealed inside the unit. These can then be fitted with any connector to suit individual customer requirements. These include AMP, Sumitomo, Deutsch. We also mould deutsch connectors directly into the units.

Own branding

We supply many O.E. Manufacturers with own branded products where we mould their name or logo into the bezel supply under their part number with their label. This significantly reduces the number of unjustified warranty claims while also increasing sales by advertising free on every unit.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can call us on 0116 240 2968 or use our Contact Form.

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