Left/Right Turn Audible Alarms


As Europe’s leading manufacturer of reversing safety systems we are proud to put our reputation behind this product.

Remember – it tells you what is happening unlike some systems that rely on the driver to be constantly vigilant as well as driving. The Amber Valley SIDEMINDER system tells those that matter, when it matters most!

“STAND CLEAR, this vehicle is turning LEFT!”

“STAND CLEAR, this vehicle is turning RIGHT!”

There are over 400 people killed every year throughout Europe from near-side turning collisions. Typically these accidents occur at side road junctions or roundabouts. These accidents can easily be avoided with an Amber Valley SIDEMINDER.

The SIDEMINDER System is quick and easy to install and designed to protect those around the vehicle! For noise sensitive areas, the SIDEMINDER System has a night silent function which can be wired through the sidelights or a switch on the dashboard. The unit knows when the hazard lights are in operation and automatically mutes.

“The best value for money audible safety system on the market today!”

• Does not interfere with Can-Bus, Multiplex or Pet-Reg systems

• Kit includes an on dash mute facility as standard

• Does not rely on motion or proximity sensors / cameras


• Automatically knows when hazard lights are on

• Can be wired through our speed sensing module

• Can be programmed in any language message on a WAV file.

We manufacture Left/Right turn alarms with or without built in indicator modules and units can be programmed with BEEPS or WHITE NOISE.

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