What is AVAS?

AVAS – Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System.

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more popular; a BBC report found that alternatively-fuelled vehicles made up 5.6% of the car market in May 2018, and this number had risen to 6.6% by May 2019. This means the problem is only going to become more of a concern. To countermand this, from July 2019, the EU has created an electric car noise law. All new electric vehicles (EVs), both hybrid and electric, have to feature a noise-emitting device under EU rules. From July 2021, this ruling will apply to existing vehicles too.

The legislation now in place means that EV car’s AVAS should emit a sound at a minimum frequency of 56 Decibels – about the sound level of a conversation indoors, or an electric toothbrush. The sounds emitted must also be indicative of the car’s behaviour. That means, for example, that the pitch of the sound emitted should rise to illustrate that the car is accelerating.

Features of our Electric Vehicle Motion Alarm

  • Variable dB level (decreases with speed) to eliminate noise pollution 
  • Max sound at low speed to warn vulnerable road users
  • Mutes when hand brake or park (automatic vehicles) is selected 
  • Automatically mutes at 20MPH 
  • Choice of sounds. Engine, beep, bell, white noise or your own bespoke sound
  • Comes with flying lead or integral Deutsch connector






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