Preventing Tool Theft

ToolDefend Tool Theft Protection

Protect your tools

If you own a van and valuable tools, for your business to run efficiently on a day-to-day basis, you are taking a huge risk if you don’t put extra security measures in place to prevent theft. Consider the effects of having your tools stolen:

  • Loss of a day or weeks work – timescale changes affecting other trades
  • Downtime spent replacing tools and sorting out vehicle repairs
  • Loss of customer contracts
  • ‘Repeat Target’ – thieves return weeks later – you are a soft target!

51% of UK builders have had tools stolen.

46% of victims had their vans peeled open or doors broken.

(Source: Federation of Master Builders)

What is ToolDefend®?

ToolDefend® is an autonomous alarm system that works independently of your vehicles CANBUS system.

Two intelligent sensors are programmed to identify the frequencies of cutting tools typically associated with a criminal attack. Our sensors have accelerometers to detect any movement on the side or back doors and the software is programmed with a “heartbeat” which when disturbed will trigger the talking 120db siren.

This unique technology has been developed to protect your vehicle completely keeping your tools, trailers and roof racks safe.


ToolDefend® can be self-installed, however it is recommended that the system is installed by a professional auto electrical installer.

Upon order confirmation and payment, a manual is issued via email to the installer. Installation typically takes 1 hour.

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