Amber Valley – Scene Light

Scene Light - Amber Ray Of Light
Amber Valley - Scene Light
Amber Valley Scene Light

What is a Scene Light?

A scene light is an essential powerful LED Light, which can be easily installed onto the side or rear of a vehicle. This light can be vital when working under emergency weather conditions or poor/restricted vision. In essence ‘Lights Up The Scene’

Why choose an Amber Valley Scene Light?

As a UK Manufacturer with an established LED Lighting Division, we have a combination of over 45 years of Automotive & General Trade experience. We can also boast a specialised research and development facility, so we can guarantee you’re in good hands!

We are able to customise the cable length and connection type on request to suit your requirements too.

Product Specifications


Available in White, Blue White, Red White and Amber White

Lamp luminous flux: 1688 lm

Luminare luminous flux: 1369 lm

Luminous efficacy: 101.4 lm/W


Dual voltage 9 – 36v

Total power 12.5w

Driver efficiency 94%

Cable length and connection type can be customized on request


Polycarbonate and outer lense and reflector

Dimensions 236 x 70 x 42mm

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You call us on 0116 240 2968 or use our contact form.

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