Talking Alarms


Our talking alarms are probably the safest type of warning system because of its unique directional qualities and the ability to say exactly what the danger is.

These alarms are available as standalone alarms such as, “Stand well clear, vehicle reversing,” to complete systems where we provide the complete solution.

Our most popular examples are:

“Handbrake not applied” which is activated when the driver’s door is opened and the handbrake is not on. It works regardless of whether the ignition is on or not.

Seatbelt talking alarm – There are several systems in our range for this alarm, one which gives the message twice when the bus door closes, the second time louder and with more authority. Ideally suited to school buses.

The second takes its feed from the electrical buckle on the seatbelt. If there is not an electrical buckle fitted, we have a specially designed reed switch to activate the alarm.

“Diesel fuel only” This is becoming a more popular talking alarm, especially on light commercial vehicles. When the fuel flap is opened the alarm says, “Diesel fuel only,” as putting petrol into a diesel vehicle costs thousands of pounds.

Bespoke messages in any language – All we require is the message in any language in a WAV file to be emailed to us and we will make the required alarm, usually within 2 to 3 days, using the exact message and voice as we receive it. This is especially important in English speaking countries where accents are critical. After all, a New Zealander or Australian does not want a message in an Oxford English accent as the local people would not immediately respond to it.

dB level
The dB level shown for the talking alarm denotes the speech level and not the beep dB, which will be higher.

Amber Valley Talking Alarms image showing people crossing the road safely

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