Amber Valley LLP – Helping to save the planet!

Amber Valley LLP - Helping to save the planet!3

Here at Amber Valley LLP we are helping to save the planet by using new engraving machines instead of using plastic labels. One of the best things about operating an engraver on our manufacturing line is that they don’t produce any real waste and don’t require any consumables. In contrast, the only consumable used by a laser cutting machine is electrical power!

As well as saving the planet and reducing plastic waste our new engraving systems have the following benefits;

QUICKNESS – Laser engraving is a much faster process than labelling due to the high repetition rates, meaning completion time is speeded up!

WEAR-RESISTANT – The marking is extremely resistant to external factors thanks to the depression in the material created by laser engraving.

REPRODUCIBLE – As the laser power can be specifically controlled, the marking results can always be repeated with precision.

Amber Valley LLP Helping to save the planet 4
Engraving our popular AVR15C single bolt housing

If you too are looking at helping to save the planet then why not enquire today! All of our alarms are bespoke and can have your company name included on all units!

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