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Advanced development of reversing safety equipment.


Quality Engineering.

The biggest European Manufacturer of reversing safety products for commercial vehicles.


Research and Development

We are breaking new ground in safety equipment.


Plastic Injection Moulding.

Producing in house mouldings since 2005 with experience of U.V stabilisers, flame retardants, filled glass and much more...


Custom Manufacturing.

We can design, prototype, test and manufacture products to meet your own specifications.


Europes Largest Manufacturer Of:

One stop shop for all your FORS requirements. All our products are manufactured in the U.K. including:

  • Indicator Alarms - which come with built-in Indicator Modules
  • Indicator Modules - for use with any camera or sensor system
  • Speed Sensing Modules - to turn alarms off above a pre-determined speed
  • Indicator Alarmalight - H/D bus and truck models for light commercial vehicles

Saving Lives, Every Single Day

We can supply complete solutions tailor made to your exact requirements.

Why settle for less when you can have what you need most?

All our Indicator Alarms and Indicator Alarmalights come complete with:

  • Built-in Indicator Modules – they do not work when hazard lights are in operation
  • Night quiet mode - to stop excessive noise pollution
  • Real speech - which is known to be directional

What we do?

Amber Valley Developments LLP is an international speciality manufacturer of vehicle safety equipment.

Each year approximately £400m in vehicle damage is incurred as a result of reversing accidents. This figure is even higher when engine failiures and tipping accidents are included. Sometimes resulting in the loss of life.

That's a lot of damage, but we are here to help!

We develop and manufacture products which are designed to not only meet, but exceed the strict safety requirements of our valuable customers around the world.

How we do it?

Size does matter and we are currently the largest independent European manufacturer of reversing safety, vehicle battery and engine protection products in the commercial vehicle industry. We are constantly in the process of pioneering modern and innovative safety products which meet rigorous industry safety standards.

We are based out of Fleckney in the beautiful district of Leicestershire in the UK. To match our impressive manufacturing facilities we have introduced a new and promising research and development facility. We believe that keeping up to date with our equipment means keeping up to date with your equipment. As a result, we’ve equipped this new R&D facility with the latest circuit board and harness production lines with the intention of maximizing our ability to design better, to prototype faster and to manufacture rapidly.

We can design, prototype and build your ideas, then manufacture the products with your branding.

No project is too big or too small! If a specialist device or customised product is needed we can help. If you have a new concept for a product or a specialised component, our research and development team are here to help. From idea, to design, to the end product, our mission is to serve you, our customer, and achieve the highest level of satisfaction possible regardless of what is involved.

GET STARTED TODAY. Find out how we can help you...
We back our ideas with actions rather than words, with practical help rather than theory.

Featured Product

Alarma Light from Amber Valley

New! 'Alarma Light'.

Introducing the new Alarma Light from Amber Valley Developments.

(Mouse over image for example sound)

You can choose to have a bleeping alarm audio or a talking alarm which we can record and install in any language.

  • CE & EMC approved
  • suitable for on and off highway applications
  • Epoxy sealed
  • c/w anti-vibration gasket